Vol. 13

"Revive the Spark of Hope"

Newsletter for Take My Hand Ministry, Inc.

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Issue 3

Jul - Dec - 2009


A Show and Tell Theology

It was a beautifully wrapped present.  The gift wrapping was exquisite: the paper was shimmering; the bow was like a handcrafted bouquet.  The gift card was written with a flourish, “To Michaele, with love.”


Opening the gift was exciting, too, but a bit perplexing.  Once opened, the delicate tissue paper, when peeled away, revealed a packet of bills.  The next layer of tissue paper exposed a travel film featuring snowy scenes, large drifts, and long icicles.  The third layer revealed a picture of an icy, cedar deck, a bottle of 12-hr Aleve and a picture of a badly bruised lower back.  The final layer was a beautifully bound Journal dated 2010.  When turned to the first page of an otherwise blank book, a perfectly in scripted letter read:


            My Child,

            You have been given the gift of another

            Year, 365 days to fill anyway you

            desire.  Each day will come only once,

            but the results of what you bring to

            each day will impact your life,

            and the lives of many others, forever.

            Remember, I am always a heart beat

            away.  Happy New Year,

            Little Daughter!

            Love, Father


And so began 2010.


Yes, there were outrageous grocery bills for us and everyone else.  Everything we used from electricity to newspapers increased, but our income was still frozen.  Many of your households can sing a verse or two from that song.  By careful planning we have managed to have enough.  It pays to put something away for a rainy day-or days.


Winter did come in like a freight train this year.  Indian summer became an arctic blast before the first Christmas card was mailed.  The weather channel claims that January is the coldest month of the year, and we aren’t going to argue the fact.


Then on the morning of the 23rd of January I did not see the frost on the back deck as I prepared to feed the birds.  I slipped at the edge of the deck, hit the deck’s edge and the next 2 steps, and landed face down on the lawn.  After realizing I had not broken my left leg, I crawled back up on the deck and hobbled into my bedroom and found Willard.  I can walk, shower, use the bathroom, get in and out of bed, and sit on a hard chair.  I cannot get dressed, sit in a soft chair or car, or drive.  Bruised tailbones are harder to mend than a bruised leg, but they do heal.  Most days I do paperwork standing up – all day long.  A friend comes in the morning and feeds the cats, gets the mail, and takes care of any errands.  Other friends check on us and do nice things, and in the meantime I am healing.


Because I am used to going here and there and taking care of daily needs, this time had led to a few major meltdowns.  Didn’t do a bit of good but I had them.  Tailbone still bruised, but I had them.  Then I asked God, “Why is this  situation happening?”


Very quickly came the answer, “To let you know that My world will keep on spinning whether or not you’re involved.  You’re hurt.  You are healing.  Someone else can handle things because I have things for them to learn.  Be still and know that I am God.”


The new year is still a fantastic gift which offers endless possibilities and opportunities.  I now have time to reflect on how I will use it.  I will also take time to heal.


Special best wishes to my friend, Reba Wells, who did the same thing earlier in January, only she slipped on ice and went down 3 concrete steps.  Reba’s out and about now.  God Bless You, Reba!


Pray for continued healing, please.



Michaele, Willard, & Cats,

Freedom & Liberty


The 2010 Mary and Martha Tea Room

The Tea Room is held from 2-4PM

January 20, 2010 – Rev. Carol Hopkins

February 17, 2010 – Pastor Sadie Brunson

March 17, 2010 – Pastor Tyvonia Bull

April 21, 2010 – Barbara Walter, Christian Writer & Speaker

May 19, 2010 – Rev. Maleia Rust

June 16, 2010 – Elder Lucy Redden [Michaele’s Birthday]

July 21, 2010 – Rev. Carol Hopkins

August ?, 2010 – Pastor Joyce Mizzelle (negotiating)

September 15, 2010 – Rebecca Jones, Singer & Pastor’s wife

October 20, 2010 – Ann Marie Lambert,

November 17, 2010 – Cyndi Andrews, Motivational Speaker

December 15, 2010 – Pastor Sadie Brunson


This program is a spiritual oasis and place of healing for our women.  Dress is casual.  Freewill offering for the speaker.  Light refreshments.

March 13, 2010 – Silent Auction, Bake, Light Lunch


To Benefit Take My Hand Ministry at Conley’s UMC at Angola in Millsboro/Long Neck area.  Rev. Michael Hurley s the Pastor.  We need items and gift certificates and baked goods for the event which lasts from 8:30AM – 2PM.


Due to Dr. Russell’s recent injury, she can use all the help possible.  Let her know if you can donate a basket of product, gift certificate, item, whatever.  The proceeds allow us to help other needy clients, and she needs help in completing the event.  This may be your opportunity to be a blessing.


Jerry Jones Benefit Concert


There will be a benefit concert for Take My Hand Ministry at The Seaford Wesleyan Church (The Ark) in Seaford, DE at 7PM on July 24, 2010 (Saturday).  It will be an evening of Southern Gospel Music, featuring the award winning gospel signer and song writer, Jerry Jones.  He’ll be bringing some friends, so plan to be with us.  A free will offering will be taken for TMHM.  Plan to be with us in May!  We have been planning this concert for over a year from start to finish, so come and enjoy an evening of Southern Gospel Music while helping TMHM.


Thank YOU for your response to our Holiday newsletter.  We made the holidays happen for many families, gave food, food certificates, toys, clothes, paid critical bills and more for needy families.  We also had $225 donated specifically to use for our troops, and phone cards were purchased.  Couldn’t do it without you!


Keep warm and avoid slippery decks and icy cement steps!  And please use the enclosed envelope, if possible.  You have no idea how far we can stretch our donations.


Valentine Day is coming!  Remember your loved ones, but do something special for someone who really could use a special gift or something nice.